Girls just wanna have fun PTU mary kit

girls just wanna have fun :
Kit mistylynn,s mary -
tube of choice i used Ismeal Rac
open a canvas from 600×600
copie a papier of choice (12)
choice a mask of choice 
copie your close up tube  pas it on the frame if its like you like hit DELEt agian
copie element 21 resize it with50% and thene 75% place it on the left side of the frame 
copie element 62 resize it 2x 50% place it on the right side select the middel select deselect 
place a tube  befor it and if its on the right place hit DELET nd change the mode to lummint
copie element 12 resize it with 50% and 75% place it before element 39 mirror it ( if you like)
copie element 13 resize this 2x 50% and 1x 75% placed this on the top of the frame left
copie element 14 resize this 2x 50% and 1x 75% placed this on the right on the bottum
copie element 16 resize it 50% mirror if you like and plae it on the side of the frame right
copie element 17 resize this 2x 50% and 1x 75% placed it on the bottum right
copie element 08 resize it 75% 50% and place this next element 35 
place the tube on a good place 
place the copyrights on it 
© And of the artist you use!!!

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